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PSP MasterComp 1.8

It is a stereo dynamics VST, RTAS and AAX processor plug-in for Windows
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PSP MasterComp 1.5 is a 64 bit double precision software stereo dynamics plug-in update application for WindowsVST, RTAS, Audio Unit, RTAS, and VST for Mac OSX Universal Binary. It can offer musicians transparency even at extreme compression settings and high sample rates and includes a wide range of controls for bus processing during mixing and for mastering compression and expansion.

Users of the PSP MasterComp 1.5 application can use it for controlling and revitalizing dynamics of a final mix during mastering, or to a signal of main tracks, groups and entire mixes during mixing benefiting from producing the best masters they can create.

The extremely transparent compression featured is due to its 64 bit floating point and double sampled FAT mode algorithms. This compressor also features low distortion due to its’ precise level detector which includes release time adjustment along with an optional automatic attack. It has compression tilting capabilities, channel linking and side chain filtering.

Amongst its wide range of controls is a mix control that allows users to blend processed and clean signal. It also features advanced PPM/VU meters with textual readings and adjustable parameters. All the parameters can be accessed via automation and are adjustable. This processor also offers preset bar supporting preset list editing, bank and preset save/load and A/B memory cells. For a more focused sound, it features a classic mode with alternate release phase response.

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  • Retains transparency during signal processing


  • Heavy CPU usage
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